Prototype for Digital Narrative Game

Illegal Immegration: 

Sherif and I constructed this prototype for a game that aims in raising awareness about illegal immigration in Egypt. Illegal immigration is basically someone who travels to live in another country when they do not have the right to do this or travel in a way that violates the laws of immigration in their country or continue residency in a country that they are not allowed to live in. The game will shed the light on the life circumstances that would drive someone to make such a decision. The player in the game will have to make decisions for the situations that were common between the people who we made our research about. There has always been a stereotypical impression about people who tend to illegally immigrate to be disloyal to their country and that they are unfaithful while our research has proved otherwise and that these people tend to do this out of necessity and disparity. For the aforementioned, we are making this game to raise awareness about their lives and the decisions that they obliged to make every day because the player will emphasise with these people and understand where they are coming from. 

The player will take the role of Youssef who is a 25 years old guy and graduated 2 years ago. Youssef has been the man of the house since his father died and he got engaged two years ago and he is not sure when he will be able to marry his fiancee due to the lack of money. Although he tried to work in several jobs but he never found a good, suitable one, while most of your friends found good jobs that can secure enough income. Youssef has been unemployed for a while now and has been spending all his savings on his family’s daily expenses because he has no other income. 

Examples for scenarios :

Your fiance called you to tell you that her father is very upset that your engagement is lasting over 2 years already and that he wants to fasten your marriage or else you will break up with her because her father believes that she has better and more secure opportunities. She is the love of your life and you cannot let her go. You promised her that you will find a solution to arrange the money needed for the marriage. In fact, you don’t have anything in mind to do, especially that you have been trying to find a job already for a long time. One of your friends suggested that you might find good job opportunities if you travel outside of Egypt.

You are a graduate of سياحة و فنادق and the highest salary that you can get is 2000 EGP monthly which is insufficient for your monthly costs and you will not be able to save any money for your marriage. If you are willing to travel, people usually travel to either Italy or Greece. Italy is known to have a higher rate of salaries but higher costs for travelling. 

Question 1: Would you rather continue searching for a job in Egypt or you would choose to travel?

Option 1: Continue searching for a job in Egypt. 

Option 2 : Travel abroad. 

Question 2 : Where will you choose to travel ?

 Option 1: Italy

 Option 2: Greece 

Both countries will require at least 30,000 EGP to complete the legal requirements of travelling, while traveling illegally will cost you 15,000 EGP. If you apply for the legal documents for traveling, there is a high chance that your visa will be rejected and in this case you will not be able to refund your money and the rest of your savings will be lost. If you travel illegally, you will get to face a lot of risks! 

Question 3 : Would you choose to travel legally or illegally ?

Option 1: Travel legally 

Option 2: Travel illegally 

You arranged the fake passport and visa needed and you will be traveling after 3 days on a small boat with some guys that include two of your friends. You are so upset that you are traveling and leaving your family, friends and fiance, yet you are excited that you will be able to get the money you need to marry your fiance. 

The day before traveling, you heard about the risks that might happen on the way which can result in your death. 

Question 4 : Would you… 

Option 1: Continue in the travel 

Option 2: Quit traveling 

There are 2 ways to travel. The first one is to travel from Alexandria and this is more risky because you might get caught, but it is faster. The second one is to travel to Libya first and hide there for 2 month and then proceed with traveling. The second option will be safer and will involve less risks, but remember, you don’t have enough time !   

Question 5 : Would you… 

Option 1: Travel from Alexandria 

Option 2: Travel to Libya first

When you arrive at the boat that you will take for traveling, you find that it is a very small one that can only take 10 people on board while the people who are boarding on it are about 25 people. If you all get on board the boat, you will all probably die, and if you take a backstep and say that you will not travel, they will kill you because if you get back off the shore the police will catch you and therefore they will get caught as well. 

Question 6 : Would you… 

Option 1: Get on the boat 

Option 2: Get back off to the shore —- You get caught and imprisoned for 3 years. 

When you are in the middle of the sea, you recognize that there is a disagreement between the driver and the one who manages the whole process of the traveling. Then, you find the boat driver starts shooting some of you and kicking some others into the sea. 

Question 7 : Would you…

Option 1: Hide on the boat wishing that the driver will not notice your existence.— the driver finds you and kills you !!

Option 2: Jump into the sea alive hoping that you will be able to swim to the shore. — You find out that it is very hard to swim in this deep sea. You start to lose control until you totally lose your consciousness. You died !!

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